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Cataract Causes That You Should Know About

Cataracts are a part of life, they come along part and parcel with the white hairs and wrinkles. A cataract is an opacity or haze that develops in the crystalline lens of the eye, which sits just behind the coloured iris at the front of the eyeball. The clouding of this lens causes the typical […]

What Causes Watery Eyes and How to Manage It?

A bout of watery eyes affects all of us at some point, whether it’s from chopping onions or because a little bug flew into your eye. However, sometimes watery eyes can suddenly come upon us for no identifiable reason – in these cases, how do you know whether it’s an eye health problem necessitating oculoplastic […]

Signs of Retinal Detachment – Recognising the Condition

A retinal detachment is considered an ocular emergency requiring prompt treatment to save your sight. Although a retinal detachment is painless, without attention from an ophthalmologist experienced in retinal surgery, the vision loss can be permanent and significant. Knowing the symptoms and signs of a retinal detachment can enable you to seek help quickly.    […]

Eye Cataract Treatment – What To Expect?

“Cataract” can be a scary word for some. For many people the first thought that comes to mind is wondering whether they’re about to go blind. The next thought is typically wondering what happens next, and what they can expect during eye cataract treatment.    What is a Cataract? A cataract refers to an opacity […]

What Is Epiphora and What Causes It?

Tears play an important role in the health of our eyes as well as aiding clear vision. A deficit of tears leads to dry eye, which can significantly impact quality of life by causing discomfort and variable, blurry vision. But what about the opposite end of the spectrum when someone suffers excessively watery eyes?   […]

Symptoms of Retinal Tear & Treatment

The retina is the paper-thin tissue lining the inside of the back of the eye. It’s made up of several layers of cells that work together to sense light and images entering the eye before sending along neural impulses to the brain for the perception of vision. Disease or damage to the retina, such as […]